The interested groups of the Exchange include their shareholders, their members, their employees, and the individuals or legal entities or organizations that have business relations with the Company and, therefore, are affected by the activities developed by it. Such interested groups are classified according the kind of relationship that their members have with the Company. In the same manner, due to the function of public interest involved in the activity of the Exchange, the public in general is considered as an interested group. Consequently, the following are considered interested groups for the Exchange:

1. Exchange Shareholders

2. Broker dealers that are Members of the Exchange

3. Employees of the Exchange

4. Users of the systems managed by the Exchange

5. Issuers of securities inscribed in the Exchange

6. Strategic allies of the Exchange

7. Suppliers and creditors of the Exchange

8. The State

9. General public

A person or entity may belong to one or more interested groups.

If you have any request, consultation or complaint, please go to this electronic address, according to:

Anexo 5 -Grupo de Interes GC Ingles def.

If you wish, you may also contact:

If you wish to make a request in relation to the fulfillment of the Code for the Good Governance of the Exchange, please go to:

Carrera 7 N° 71 - 21 Torre B Oficina 1201 Bogotá

Fax: (57) 1 3139766