Shareholders’ Meeting 2016

On-line access to the assembly of shareholders






I. Quorum Verification

II. President and Secretary of the Assembly (paragraph - Article 36 corporate bylaws)

III. Reading and consideration of the agenda

IV. Appointment of the commission in charge of approving the minute

V. Approval of the Annual Management Report of the Board of Directors and the President of

the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A.

VI. External Auditor ́s report

VII. Approval of the (Consolidated and Stand Alone) Financial Statements of year end 2015

VIII. Study and Approval of the Profit Distribution proposal

IX. Approval of Succession and Remuneration Policy of the Board of Directors

X. Election of Independent Members of the Board of Directors for the Statutory Period

XI. Election of Non-Independent Members of the Board of Directors for the Statutory Period

XII. Approval of Statutory Reform Proposal

XIII. Definition of the Board of Directors Fees

XIV. Election of the External Auditor for the Statutory Period and Approval of the Budget

Appropriation for their Activities

XV. What the Shareholders suggest

Financial Statements 2015

Annual Financial Statements - 2015

The following documents are the Individual and Consolidated Financial Statements of the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia S.A., which will be subject to consideration by the General Assembly of Shareholders for its approval during the ordinary session that will take place on March 30, 2016. These statements correspond to the Year End Accounting period of December 31, 2015.

By virtue of the provisions of Article of the Decree 2555 of 2010, the published Financial Statements do not require authorization of the Financial Superintendency of Colombia.

Stand Alone Financial Statements and Consolidated

Consolidated Financial Statements NCIF

Stand Alone Financial Statements Certification

Consolidated Financial Statements Certification

Ruling by the Tax Auditor - Individual Financial Statements

Ruling by the Tax Auditor - Consolidated Financial Statements


Board of Directors

Nomination Deadline


Powers-of-attorney for the assembly


odels for Powers-of-Attorney

According to the provisions of Art. 35 of the Exchange Bylaws, absent or incapacitated shareholders may attend the General Shareholders Meeting through a representative or attorney-in-fact, but subject to the following rules:

a. Except in the case of legal representation, neither management nor the employees of the company will be able to represent other shareholders while they are in their positions, nor substitute the powers conferred on them.

b. Each shareholder may be represented at the Meetings via a power of attorney issued in writing and stating the name of the proxy, the person entitled to replace them, if relevant, and the date or period of the meeting or meetings for which this power is granted. The powers granted outside of the country will only require the formalities that are contemplated here.

Taking the preceding into account, you will find below the models of powers-of-attorney that may be used at the General Shareholders Meeting next March 30, 2016:

Power-Of-Attorney For An Individual

Power-of-Attorney for a Legal Entity