The Colombian Securities Exchange has decided to be the leader of our country's capital market. To achieve that objective, the company made the decision to adopt the highest standards of corporate governance to generate trust in its management and the information that the company provides, providing transparency and safety in the markets that it manages, and at the same time, protection for its shareholders.

The road that the Colombian Securities Exchange traveled to place itself at the vanguard of the world's exchanges in the matter of corporate governance was not a short one. It was a process whose background began in 1999 and advanced little by little up to today, when there is a new structure of the Senior Management and the best practices of Good Governance.

As part of this development, and in compliance with the legal and statutory obligations in relation with the disclosure of information of the Company, which is important for the market, the Exchange has prepared this site, that will provide all the information that may be of interest for its shareholders and the general public.

It is important to point out that this space is published in addition to the information directed to the members of the Board of Directors and its Committees, with the purpose that they make informed decisions while acting as directors of the bvc. The members of the Board of Directors must access entering their user name (login) and access code (password) in the required boxes.

According with the provisions of the Code of Good Corporate Governance, the members of the Board of Directors are under the obligation not to disclose information that they obtain by this means that is classified as confidential information. Also, they have the obligation to keep their user name (login) and access password confidential, because they are for their exclusive use, and are personal and non-transferrable.